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    Welcome to Petite Dressing Blog, the petite fashion blog where you can find all things petite! This is the online community for petite women who love fashion, regardless of your shape, size and age. Being petite can make it challenging to find the clothing that fits, and it also means we need to be more selective and thoughtful about what we wear.

    Here is the list of our most popular blog posts that will help you understand more about your own body, so that you will discover your own unique petite style!

    How to Dress for your Petite Body Type

    What is your petite body type? Take our 5 step quiz!

    How to dress if you are a petite woman with hourglass, pear, apple, rectangle or inverted triangle body shape

    Petite shop for hourglass, pear, apple, rectangle and inverted triangle shaped petite women

    How to dress if you are a petite woman with large bust

    What is your leg ratio? Are you a long legged petite?

    How to dress if you have long torso/short legs, or if you have short torso/long legs

    best dresses for short women
    Photo: Carly (5’3″, IG@carlygala), Hourgalass Shape

    If you Want to Look taller/ Legs Look Longer…

    6 Things to Avoid if you have Short Legs

    How can Petite Girls Look Taller

    How to Look Tall in Pictures

    Everyday Best Styling Tips

    10 Fashion Mistakes Every Short Girl should Avoid

    9 Best Petite Fashion Tricks of All Time

    5 Best Petite Jeans for Short Girls

    9 Must Know Styling Tips for Petite Jumpsuit

    How to Choose Petite Maxi Dresses

    7 Best Petites Sundresses Every Short Woman Needs

    The Best Petite Casual Dresses

    7 Tips you didn’t Know about Maxi Skirts for Short Women

    petite blogger
    Photo: Shelby, 5’4″ in collaboration with Petite Dressing (IG@shelbymoroney)

    Where to Find Petite Size for Everything

    17 Petite Brands and Retailers Every Short Girl Needs to Know

    5 Best Places to Shop Petite Size Yoga Pants

    Where to Shop Petite Pajamas for Short Women

    Where to Find Petite Size Loungewear

    Where to Shop for Petite Sweatpants

    Best Place to Shop Activewear for Petites

    The Best Discounted Petite Clothing Shops Online

    short girl style
    Eva, 5’2″, in Collab with Petite Dressing (Instagram@ava_lately)

    For the Special Occasions

    How to Choose Petite Evening Gowns

    7 Step Guide to Find the Best Petite Cocktail Dresses

    How to Choose Petite Special Occasion Dresses

    Wedding Fashion for Petites

    5 Best Petite Wedding Dresses for Short Brides

    Petite mother-of-the-bride Dresses: 11 Tips You Must Know

    9 Best Tips on How to Choose Petite Bridesmaids’ Dresses

    Best Petite Wedding Guest Dresses

    For Petite Moms

    Petite Maternity Clothing: How to Shop Smart

    5 Best Place to Shop for Maternity Dresses for Petites

    If you are going on Vacation

    5 Best Petite Resort Wear for your Vacation

    Top 10 Petite Swimwear

    Cruise Wear: 7 Must-have Items

    A Short Girl’s Guide to Petite Palazzo Pants

    Are you under 5 Feet?

    How to Dress if you are 5 Feet Tall or Under

    Where to Find Extra Short Jeans for Petites

    jeans for short women
    Picture: Marisa (IG@itsmarisa_kay), 5′ in collaboration with Petite Dressing

    If you have Small Shoe Size…

    Best and Worst Shoes for Small Feet

    All you Need to Know about Boots for Short Women

    7 Tips to Wear High Heels without Hurting

    Best Places to Find Shoes for Petite Feet

    Back to the Basics- How Petite Sizing Works

    What is Petite?

    Should you wear petite size?

    What does inseam and pants rise mean and how to choose what’s best for you?

    The Truth about Petite Sizing