The common belief is a short woman only looks good in short skirts.  While most would agree that a short woman can’t go wrong with a short skirt, we do believe there are ways for a short woman to wear long skirts as well.  Now, I am talking about petite maxi skirts, not just any long skirts.  We have to make that clear, because long and short are relative.  A mini skirt is of course short, but some might consider a midi skirt (which ends between your knees and your ankles) is long.  That is not our topic in this article, but you can find some tips on petite woman how to wear midi skirts here.  Petite maxi skirts are not the easiest look to pull off, but we have seen petite celebrities wearing them such as Nicole Richie (5’2”) and Victoria Beckham (5’3”).  If worn the right way, petite maxi skirts can very well elongate the petite figure of a short woman and be one of the most flattering pieces in your wardrobe.  Learned from petite bloggers and petite celebrities, here are the top 5 tips and tricks we want to share with you to help achieve the elongating effect of petite maxi skirts.

1 The length is important

In order for a short woman to look good in petite maxi skirts, the length needs to be right.  Some say the best is ankle length, while others say it might be better for it to hit the floor.  Those who favor ankle length believe that is the easiest length of petite maxi skirts to wear for a short woman.  Those who like it to brush off the floor also have a good point because that will make a short woman’s legs look the maximum length.  Both could work, depending on the style of the petite maxi skirts and the shoes you a wearing with it.  If you are wearing flats or sandals with no heels, you probably do not want the skirts to be dragging on the floor, which causes the danger of tripping on the fabrics and falling.  If you are wearing high heels, it is better to go longer.  The ideal length is for the hem of the skirts to be slightly above your heels without making it difficult for you to walk.  The length you do not want is anything above your ankles, because that will make your legs look cut off and lose the point of wearing petite maxi skirts.

short woman

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2 Solid colors or prints?

Another important factor to consider is what kind of color or prints will make a short woman look good in petite maxi skirts.  In general, monochromatic dressing is the most flattering way of styling colors for a short woman, which applies here too.  For those of you not familiar with the term, monochromatic dressing means what you wear from head to toe should be derived from a single based hue but extended using its shades, tints and hints.  Wearing monochromatic color will create the illusion of length for a short woman and make you look taller.  It does not mean you can only wear one identical color for your top and bottom.  If you are wearing a baby blue top, then wearing a navy color petite maxi skirt will make you look good.  (Read more about Why Short Women Must Know Monochromatic Dressing). If you like prints, a short woman should avoid prints that are too big or too loud.  Many people like floral prints, which is something you can rock as a short woman as long as the flowers are in proportion to your size.  Because petite maxi skirts cover such a big area of your body, you want to make sure you do not look swamped in too many colors.

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3 Vertical details are elongating

Vertical details are the best friend of a short woman.  It comes in many different forms.  The easiest to identify is vertical stripes or prints that extend vertically.  They effectively elongate your legs by creating the illusion of height.  Another kind of vertical details is in the cut of the petite maxi skirts.  For example, side split high on the legs is a very flattering design for a short woman.

4 Wear them with the right shoes

As a short woman, you probably prefer to wear heels when you feel like to add a few extra inches.  It goes without saying that high heel sandals make a short woman look taller in petite maxi skirts.    We normally advise a short woman to be careful about wearing bulky heels such as wedges, but if you are wearing a petite maxi skirt, by all means wear wedges.  Because the skirts are so long, the benefit is people cannot really tell how bulky your heels are.  In addition, it is not easy to tell if the length comes from your legs or the heels.  Isn’t that great?  Wearing wedges also makes it easier for you to walk in petite maxi skirts.  However, don’t think you must wear heels with petite maxi skirts.  Feel free to grab your favorite pair of flat sandals and wear them on the beach or by the pool with your maxi skirts for a casual and chic Bohemian look.

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5 Choose the right material

Petite maxi skirts made with flowy jersey materials generally looks good on a short woman, because it hugs your body curve naturally unlike stiff fabrics.  Petite maxi skirts made with lace or see through materials can also be flattering, because they have less weight and seeing through the skin has the elongating effect to make a short woman look taller.