Shoes are such a big obsession for a lot of women. You can pick between sneakers, pumps, stilettos, ballet flats, or wedges- a petite shoe have the capability to accentuate any petite outfit and makes the person wearing it stand out from the crowd. If you are petite, chances are you also have small feet.  If you are a size 5 and under, you probably have experienced a lot of frustration shopping for small shoes, as many designers start with size 6.  Petite girls normally have a hard time finding their shoe size in store, as a lot of designers who do offer size 5 and under only sell them online.  Many petite girls prefer to wear high heels at work or special occasions, and you can find tips on how to wear comfortable heels here.  If you like to wear flats, you may want to learn the tips on how to look tall in flats.  Here we have summarized the best places to shop for your small feet either online or in store.

Specialty sites

Cinderella of Boston is a company specializing in women’s petite footwear that has been in business since 1939. They cater only to women with small feet, and they have been in business for over 70 years- so obviously, they know what they are doing and they are probably an expert of shoes for small feet!   They start with size 2 (how unbelievably considerate of them) and their largest size is 5.5.  They also offer medium or wide width for their shoes.  Their shoes are so reasonably priced (a pair of beautiful leather ballet flats cost about $50, and pumps are between $60 to $80) that it is hard to resist the temptation of ordering more than just one pair at a time.

small feet
petite shoes

Shoes of Prey is another small feet friendly site that you may not have heard of.  They offer designer quality shoes at a gilt-free prices.  It was founded back in 2009 by Jodie Fox, who was an Australian entrepreneur and later moved to the US.  The company is now based in California with their production in China, and the website mentions their delivery time is two weeks.  While the delivery time seems to be longer than other shoe sites, their beautifully designed shoes are unique and reasonably priced-you may decide they are worth the wait. The best part? You can custom design your own shoes including pumps, sandals, flats or boots!  They offer different combination from style, toe type, heel type, heel heights to colors and materials.  Price point for your reference: the pumps are about $149, ankle boots $199, and ankle boots $299.  Those pretty shoes come in all sizes and width, i.e. they have size 5 and under as well as size 10.5 and larger.  Their smallest size is 3.5.  They also come in narrow or wide width, so most likely you will find your size on their site. They offer free shipping to most of US, and they offer express shipping for additional $49.

If you want to explore shoe shopping from outside of US, Pretty Small Shoes is a UK website that petite women will be thrilled about.  They have over 850 petite styles to choose from with size between 32 and 35. Their price is on the medium to higher end, with a pair of pumps around $200, but they do have a budget collection where you can find beautiful shoes for small feet for under $100.    You might be asking if it is difficult or expensive to buy a pair of shoes from UK because of the distance.  They have you covered.  They deliver worldwide for £12.50.  For style exchanges delivery to you is also free, though if you exchange to another style they may in some circumstances ask for additional delivery fees if you exchange more than 3 times in 1 order.

Traditional e-commerce shoe shopping sites

I am sure you are familiar with the major e-commerce shoe shopping sites already, but here we will mention them in the context of shopping at these sites vs shopping from the specialty sites.


Most likely you have heard of or shopped at Zappos before. They have a wide selection of shoes for small feet girls.  They start from size 1.5, and they offer narrow to wide width.  Although Zappos does not offer deep discounts often, it is known for their good services such as free shipping, free returns and 24/7 customer support.  Here is several 4 and 4.5s.


This site is the sister site of Zappos, or it is safe to say it is the discounted version of Zappos. They are small feet friendly, as their shoes start from size 4.  They also offer a wide range of style choices.  Since this site is known for deep discount, you can enjoy shopping  for more than one pair of shoes without feeling guilty. Here is a several 4s or 4.5s at a steal price!


Yes, good-old Amazon!  Although Zappos and 6pm and both ultimately owned by Amazon, you will still find a decent amount of shoe choices on Amazonc,com and some of them come in small sizes.  It is advisable to check before you click purchase who are the actual sellers, as some of them might be offered by third party sellers. It is okay to shop from those sellers, but make sure you read carefully their shipping time and return policy.  If you are a prime member, you might be better off shopping for those covered under “Prime” so that you can enjoy free shipping.  The reason is shoe shopping online has a high likelihood of return and exchange, so you want to make sure the seller provide good return and exchange terms.

Department stores

As we all know, shoes come in all shapes, forms and sizes. Picking the best one makes the difference between tacky and chic.  Even though online shopping offers us a lot of convenience and saves a lot of time, ultimately, we will not know if the shoes fit or not without trying them on.   Therefore, it is still a good idea to stop by your local department store or shopping mall, if you have the time and interest.

Nordstrom is hands down the best department store to search for your designer shoes, if you have small feet.  For instance, you can find Burberry rain boots in size 4.5, Gucci loafers in a size 4, and Jimmy Choos in a size 3.5.  This is the paradise for small size designer names, if that is what you are looking for.  Do not think you need to break your bank to get a nice pair of shoes from Nordstrom though, as they also offer a wide price range that will fit every budget.  On, there is a women’s special size shoe section that offers extended-size shoes including wide shoes, narrow shoes, sizes 5 & under and sizes 10.5 and over.  For small shoe sizes, it starts from size 4 and sometimes even smaller.  The full price normally starts from $80 for a pair of flats,  however, you can easily score a good designer name for 40% or even higher discount, especially during sales reason. Again, we picked out a few 4s and 4.5s at very reasonable prices.

Other department stores such as Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue offer a fair amount of choices for small feet customers too.  Even though these stores are known for higher end designer shoes, they can probably still find some affordable choices during sales season.  You may have to go through racks and racks in order to find your size, however, sometimes it might be worth the effort.  The reason is you may be able to score a pair of designer shoes at a steal price! Since these stores do not specialize in shoes for small feet, sometimes they liquidate their last pairs in stock at a really deep discount and often times those last pairs could be a small size.   It is not unheard of that some lucky girl has scored a size 4.5 Manolo Blahnik at 50% discount at Saks Fifth Avenue during the Christmas sale.  If you are size 5 or 5.5, you may even find some shoes you can try in store.  However, since these stores mostly start with size 4 or 4.5, you may not be able to find your size if you are a size 2 or 3. Below are available at 4,.4.5 or 5.