9 Must Know Tips to Find the Best Petite Jumpsuit

Get your jumpsuit in petite size

For petite women, some of us are quite used to purchasing a pair of regular size pants, and then take them to the tailors for hemming.  While that might work for pants, it may not work for jumpsuits.

Find the right inseam

To decide how long your jumpsuit should be, these are the things to consider. 1. Where would you be wearing it? 2. What kind of look you want? Dressy or casual? 3. What kind of shoes do you want to wear it with?

Wear fitted jumpsuit

Like any other clothing, if they are oversized, they will not look good on short girls.  In this case, even worse, because they would be unflattering from head to toe.

Waistline is important

What looks best on short women is the jumpsuits with elevated waistline.  What that means is the narrowest part of the jumpsuit sits higher than your natural waist line.

Pick the right colors and prints

Picking the right color is critical, because jumpsuits cover such a large portion of your body, the most flattering is solids, especially darker color.

The rise is key

The rise can make or break you. The proportions of the jumpsuit is so important that whether or not it will fit you could depend on it.

Use neckline to flatter

You should try on different style and find out what suits you the best.  In general, deep V neck is flattering to petite women, because they elongate your neck and make you look taller.

Jumpsuits for Wedding Guests

In recent years, jumpsuits are becoming the ever more popular choices for wedding guests, because they are automatically dressy and easy to style.

Try on as many as you can

If you try on a couple of jumpsuits but no luck, don’t get frustrated and decide right away that this look is not for me.  That simply means it will take a few more tries for you to find the right petite jumpsuit.

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