Shorts season is here! Are you ready? If you’re reading this, I’m going to presume you have big thighs. First and foremost – I know there can be a challenge to shopping for and wearing shorts when you have thicker thighs.

I’ve had quite a few conversations with some customers recently, now that the weather is heating up, who have big thighs where they shared that they felt lost when it came to choosing shorts for their body shape. That being said, I wanted to share a few of my tried and true tips on how to choose shorts for big thighs to make your experience a little smoother.

Amongst the 5 body types, the pear shape is the type that typically has prominent thighs. Pear body type also tend to gain weight first on their thighs. Famous pear shaped celebrities include Kim Kardashian, Shakira, Rachel Bilson . I will quote some of their image in this post on how they handle their shorts.

High Waisted Shorts Always Win

High waisted EVERYTHING is pretty much everywhere right now. Have you noticed? It’s hard to miss. Anyways, high waisted shorts are perfection for a woman with big thighs. The high waisted fit of this style of shorts creates the most incredible figure flattery.

When you opt for a higher rise short it creates a shape and accentuates your waistline – this helps to create the illusion of more balance in your shape instead of bringing all the focus to your big thighs AND it makes your legs look longer and leaner. What’s not to love about longer, leaner looking legs – right?

shorts for thick thighs
Kim Kardashian, 5’3″, Getty Images

For petite women in particular, what high waist design does is it elevates your natural waistline, making your legs instantly look a lot longer. That might explain why high waist style is a signature look of Kim Kardashian. Whether or not you are Kim’s fan, in this photo she is wearing high waisted shorts to perfection, setting the best example for petite women like her who have big thighs.

Not to mention, high waisted shorts are overall a whole lot more comfortable. I don’t have to tell you how fussy low rise shorts can be to wear on a daily basis – it’s a whole thing. Do yourself a favor and stick to a mid-high rise shorts silhouette to flatter your big thighs. Those are some of the basics to consider when you’re choosing shorts with big thighs, now go find your new favorite pair of shorts to rock all summer long.

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Avoid Shorts that are too Tight

Ok, here’s the deal ladies…when you have big thighs, wearing shorts that are SUPER tight aren’t going to be the most flattering option for you. I know, I know…it seems like skin tight shorts are everywhere but trust me on this. Not only will you feel so much more comfortable wearing shorts that have some room in the thigh area (aka aren’t intending into your skin) but they will also be a whole lot more figure flattering.

The problem with wearing super tight shorts is they are going to bring all the focus to your thighs and create the illusion of them appearing bigger than they are. Instead, make sure you’re sticking to shorts that have some room between the shorts and your actual thigh. You don’t need incredibly loose fitting shorts but somewhere in the middle is perfect.

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Opt for Side Slit Shorts for Big Thighs

Shorts are smaller garments, there’s less material than a traditional pair of pants (obviously) which is why even the slightest of details can make a difference in the way they fit and flatter your body. I’m sure you’ve tried on countless of different shorts, desperate to find a pair to flatter your big thighs at this point. Don’t underestimate the power of a seemingly TINY detail. When you have big thighs I highly suggest opting for shorts that have side slits.

You may be thinking “what exactly is a side slit?” Well, you’ve probably seen some shorts that have tiny little slits on the side of the shorts. Well, those tiny little slits are your new BFF. Why? Because they’re going to give you a lot more movement to accommodate your big thighs in your shorts. The great thing about side slit shorts is it is a very small detail that won’t drastically change the aesthetic of your entire outfit or the look of the shorts overall.

 Side Slit Bermuda Shorts
Karen Kane $78
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Pay Attention to the Length

Petite women are no stranger to the concept of paying attention to the length of clothing. You notice the length of the petite dresses, skirts and pants you wear, but don’t forget you need to also make sure you’re considering the length of the shorts you are wearing.

Length of shorts tends to get overlooked because most of us just assume they’re already short…so why worry about the length any further?! WELL since you’re a woman with big thighs, the length is going to make a big impact on how flattering shorts are on your body shape.

shorts for girls with big thighs
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This year there are a ton of different shorts trends around, varying lengths being one of them. You’re going to be seeing shorts that are long in length and very short in length, and everything in between. When you have big thighs you should focus on shorts that rest either above or below the widest part of your thigh. In other words, you don’t want the shorts you are wearing to rest at the largest part of your thigh. When you do wear shorts that rest at the largest part of your thigh, they accentuate that area of your body and will often times make them look larger than they are in a non-flattering manner.

In this photo you will find Rachel Bilson wearing dark denim shorts that bypass the thickest part of her thighs, drawing attention to the slender part thus looking very flattering on her.

how to wear shorts for big thighs
Rachael Bilson, 5’2″ (Getty Images)

Since you want to flatter your big thighs and work with what you’ve got, choose the length of your shorts accordingly! Your shorts don’t have to be significantly above or below the largest part of your thighs, just a tad will do.

Don’t Knock Pleats

Pleated shorts?! Yes. Before you think I’m crazy, let me explain. Pleated shorts are a big thigh woman’s DREAM. The reason being is pleats, by default, provide a lot more room and movement on your body because of the way they fit. Basically, pleats allow your shorts to work with your body instead of working against it. Something we all want from a great pair of shorts for the summertime.

shorts for thicker thighs
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 Best shorts for big thighs
 shorts for big thigh women

If you’re thinking pleated shorts aren’t ‘on trend’, think again. Pleated shorts are all around the stores this spring/summer season. Seriously, you will be shocked how many pleated shorts you stumble upon while you’re out shopping. Not to mention, when you have a pair of shorts that flatter your big thighs, those shorts are classics for you.