Are you petite and do you have pear figure?  If so, this article is for you to better understand your body type and find the best skirts and pants for you.

First of all, let’s take a close look at the characters of petite pear figure. See how many of below applies to you.

  • You shoulders and bust are narrower than your hips.
  • You have a well-defined waist, which may be smaller in proportion to your hips.
  • You have a slim torso and rib cage.
  • You have smaller upper body and larger hips and thighs.
  • You tend to carry extra weight in the hips and thighs while maintaining a smaller waist, arms, shoulders, and chest.
  • You may have thick calves and puffy knees. Water retention is one of the most obvious reason for puffy knees
  • If you look at the measurements, your waist is at least 75% of the chest, and your hips are at least 110% of the chest.  A waist to hip ratio of less than 0.8 makes you a pear shape.

petite pear shape

How many of the above facts are you?  If your answer is more than half, then you probably have a petite pear figure. If you are still not sure, take our petite body type quiz to find out.

If you are a petite pear shape, you may have narrow sloping shoulders.  You hip and thighs are the most prominent areas of your body.  When you gain weight, it tends to show up around your thighs and hips and then on your arms and breasts.  Your biggest assets are your slim waist, and maybe even have killer abs.    You are smaller on top, and larger on the bottom. Overall, you come across as having heavy bottoms and smaller upper body.  Among the famous petite celebrities, Shakira (5’2″) , Kim Kardashian (5’3″) and Rachel Bilson (5’2″) have typical pear figure.

pear figure

Rachael Bilson (5’2″) Photo: Reddit

In one word, pear figure is “bottom heavy”, so the key is to balance the narrow neck and sloping shoulders with the wider hips and thighs. That can be achieved through enhancing and adding volume (or the illusion of volume) to your upper body while emphasizing your waist and de-emphasizing your lower body to create a balanced, hourglass appearance.  (Read our guide on Best Swimwear for Petite Pear Body Shape, Best Wedding Dresses for Petite Brides of Pear Body Type).  The easiest option to have a slimmer bottom half is to invest in a few pieces of high quality hip and thigh hugging shapewear.

Petite women with pear figure should look for petite skirts and pants that draw attention away from the lower half and up towards the chest.  You want the eye to skim over your bottom half and not attract attention there.  You look great in A-line and flared skirts which will skim hips and thighs.  Wearing solid, dark colors on the bottom is always a good choice for our pear figure beauties.

High waisted skirts are also great because they highlight your small waist, and dark colours are better because they can make your thigh area look slimmer.

Petite women of pear figure can wear all kinds of pants and jeans. (Read our guide on Best Petite Jeans For Your Body Type). Straight, bootleg, wide leg pants and jeans create a vertical fluid and not to mention flattering lean vertical line on your shape. A great option when you want to offset your killer curves.  If you want to draw the attention from how big your thighs and bum are, wear loose fitting tops with slim fitting pants or jeans.  One of the best jeans for pear figure is boot cut stretch jeans.  Many petite women with pear figure are concerned about their full thighs.  If that is your case, you should try flared and boot-cut jeans.  Flared jeans creates extra volume below the knee, thus they will help balance you out.

If you find it challenging to find a pair of jeans that doesn’t gape in the waist, a high waist jeans can solve the problem because the fabric is designed to cover more than just your backside.  Since pear shape women have prominent hips, you may want to avoid too much embellishments on the butt or pockets with flaps.  Those details will only make your butt appear larger.  On the other hand,  smaller or angled pockets has the opposite effect of making your butt look smaller (of course only if you so prefer).

What to avoid:

Some say pear shape should avoid tightly fitted skirts and pants.  However, at Petite Dressing we believe petite women of each body shape have their own unique beauty and it is your personal choice what you view as your assets and want to accentuate.  Whether or not you should wear very tightly fitted pencil skirts really depends on if you want to flounce your curvy bottom half or not.  If you want to camouflage it, then stay away from body con skirts, as they might make your hips and thighs more prominent.  That said, you probably notice Kim Kardashian is constantly seen in high waisted tight skirts, which is one of her signature looks.  So, it really is up to you how what you would like to emphasize.  If the Kim Kardashian like curvy look is what you are going for, you can experiment with skinny jeans and fitted pencil skirt. These will surely enhance your lower body. To balance it out, the best way to wear skinnys for your body shape, is to add weight on your upper body with a pea shape jacket or a cropped jacket.

petite height

Kim Kardashian (5’3″) Photo: Outfitidentifier

Horizontal line prints and bold patterns will just add volume to the hips- not only they are not flattering to petite women in general, they are also not the best choices for your pear body shape.  For women under 5’4″, vertical prints and patterns are always more flattering because they lengthens your legs and make you appear taller.  In your case, you should opt for dark color vertical prints, as they also make your prominent bottom half less noticeable.