When we talk about short girl style, we need to look at the good and bad of the fashion trends.  We all live in the world where we are bombarded with information about fashion trends from numerous media such as magazines, TV, facebook, Instagram, and even subway and taxi advertisements.  Whether you admit it or not, you are under their influence.  After you see them and hear them enough times, their impact on you could be happening in your subconscious mind without you even realizing it.  You may be convinced to accept their definition and standard of what looks good and what doesn’t and what is in and what should be out this season.  Hollywood stars, super models, million-follower bloggers such as Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Rhianna, Olivia Palermo and so on and so forth are the so called trend setters, and you might be listening to them and mimicking them without even realizing it.  But, wait a second, did you realize most of these trend setters are 5’8″ and above?

short girl style

Gigi Hadid (Photo: Harper’s Bazar)

What happens to short girls style?  Everybody knows what looks fabulous on models with gazelle like legs could be a total disaster on a petite woman who is 5’2″.  If you are petite, your styling focus should be to create the illusion of height and length through what you wear, which is never an issue with those super models and probably never a focus for them.  What really works for a short girl style should be carefully designed with the goal of optimizing the body proportion in mind.  Once you find those styles that flatter you, they should become your wardrobe staples that you should always go back to despite the current trends of this season set by the tall girls.  Today, let’s take a look at the trends that are not the best choices for petite women.

petite feet

Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals have been extremely popular in recent years, thanks to all the celebrities and fashion bloggers in the wake of the block buster Hollywood movies. Although they can look very trendy and fashionable, they are not flattering to girls with short legs.  If you are petite, any horizontal straps will make your legs look cut off, let alone gladiator sandals with numerous straps.   The worst for short girl style is the tall gladiator sandals which look are normally the height of tall boots but they have straps all over.  They will make your legs a lot shorter than they are.  The best shoes for short girl style include nude pumps, shoes with pointy toes and heels with low vamps.  (Read our guide on “The Best and Worst Shoes for Petite Feet.”)

Midi skirts

For those of you not familiar with the term, “midi” is a dress or skirt length that is halfway between the knee and ankle (mid-calf). The hem is at an awkward length and they make your legs look cut off, because they also draw attention to the widest part of your lower legs and make your legs look shorter. Midi skirts are not the most flattering style to girls with short legs.  For short girl style, you are much better off with skirts either longer or shorter than the midi length, i.e. a mini skirt that ends 4 inches above your knees or a full length maxi skirt that covers your ankles.  Either way you will look taller than you are and your proportion will look a lot better. (Read How Can A Short Woman Rock Maxi Skirts)

Baggy boyfriend jeans

Short girls should in general go for figure-conscious clothing and stay away from baggy clothes, especially the bottoms.  There has been an increasing buzz about boyfriend jeans in recent years, as they are comfortable to wear because of the relaxed fit.  However, they are not flattering for short girl style, if the fit is too relaxed.  It is important for petite women to wear well-fitted bottoms, which will effectively elongate the legs and make your overall proportion look better.  If you think skinny jeans is only flattering for certain body types, go for bootcut jeans, which is universally flattering for any body type. It is not as tight as straight leg jeans or skinny jeans, so it is very forgiving. In addition, the straight A line at the bottom makes your calves and thighs look skinner. Flared jeans is another most flattering styles for women.  The flare adds a graceful, curved silhouette which are very feminine.  For short girls, the flare legs adds length to by extending your legs, as they do not stop at your ankle like skinny jeans.  For a complete guide of how to pick the best jeans, click to read “Best Petite Jeans for Your Body Type”.

short legs

Cropped palazzo pants

Wide leg pants have been gaining some ground in the fashion scene in the last seasons, however, they are better suited for tall or average height ladies.  If you are short, wearing wide leg pants is not flattering in general.  The width in the legs goes horizontal, and that makes you look shorter than you actually are.  If wide leg pants is your thing, make sure you pick out a pair that is long enough.  Avoid cropped wide leg pants by all means, as they are hardly flattering to short girls no matter how you wear them.  For short girl style, palazzo pants should never be at your calf or ankle, which will be the most unflattering length.  Carefully choose a vertically inspired pattern and make sure to wear them with slim heels to make up for the vertical line much needed by short girls.  Read our guide on “How to Wear Petite Palazzo pants if You are Short”.

Wide belts

Wide belts have been the signature looks for many high fashion brands in recent years.  It is not hard to understand why they are getting the attention from every one because they are sexy, cool and edgy.  Even though I myself absolutely love wide belted looks, I have to admit they are not the best trends for short girl style. Since most petite women have shorter torso, it is easy for them to look overwhelmed by the wide belts.  The worst thing is to wear a wide belt at the waist, which would visually cut your body into halves and that is absolutely not flattering!.  If you are petite height but a die hard fan of wide belts (like myself),  there are still ways to wear them without looking overwhelmed by the belts.  The key is to wear them in a monochromatic color as your outfit, or at least your top.  That way, the focal point will not be purely on your wide belt, while at the same time adding interesting dimension to your outfit.  Read our guide on “How to Smartly Style your Accessories if you are Petite Height“.

Giant statement necklaces

Despite the current trend of wearing a bold and chunky statement necklace, they are not the best choice for short girl style.  Petite women can look overwhelmed by a giant necklace, unless you are petite and plus size.  If you are petite and curvy, then a delicate chain may look lost on you and you are better off with a medium sized necklace (still, it should not overwhelm your petite height).  If you love the bib-shaped statement necklaces, which is trending right now, opt for one designed to hit lower on your frame which has a medium to small airy design.  Always avoid enormous statement necklaces that sit high on your clavicle.