Where to Find Petite Sweatpants

Petite Dressing

The largest clothing site dedicated to women under 5'4". Carrying petite sweatpants and joggers with inseam from 23" to 26" for petites of different height and needs.


Almost every season they have a new batch of sweatpants that come in all size ranges including petite sections. That is why they are my go-to place to shop for petite jogger pants.


For categories that most other petite designers or petite brands do not carry, you can always try your luck at Nordstrom and chances are you’ll find them here.


The best thing about them is that their models are actually petite girls (some of them 5’2″), so, you can actually see what they look like on a girl about the same height as you.


I have found (sort of) novelty items for petite women like petite pajamas and petite lounge pants at Macy’s and that’s why they are one of my go-to stores, if I can’t not find something else where.


The most important reason is I’ve loved Zappos for ages because of their fast shipping and great customer service, and now I can enjoy the same for petite size clothing? Doesn’t get better than this!

LL Bean

I always trust this brand for making durable outdoor clothing and the great news is they make petite sizes for a lot of their products, sweatpants included.

Beyond Yoga

If you are not familiar with this brand, they are a mid price level brand that makes good quality yoga and workout wear.


They are an athletic brand that has been around for a long time.  I have got a ton of yoga and work out stuff from them, and I love their quality and price range.


They are the only brand that has actually labeled it as petite jogger pants.  So, when you search on google or their website, it is quite easy to find.

JC Penney

With JC Penney online store, I was able to find the petite lounge jogger pants here made for short women.  To my thrill, they are especially good for petite girls like myself who needs extra short sweatpants, because their inseam is 25″!

Thousands of petites have already got a makeover at Petite Dressing, the clothing site dedicated to women under 5'4". What are you waiting for?