If you are wondering what is the best jeans for apple shape, you have come to the right place. I am 5’2″, with a typical apple body shape. It has never been easy for me to find the right jeans for apple shape, and of course being petite (i.e. shorter legs) also doubled the challenge.

I have another post that explains what is a typical apple body type and how you should style, and also a different post that talks about the best dresses for apple body type. In this post, I will focus on the jeans for apple shaped women.

Why jeans for apple shape is harder to find

Of the 5 body types, apple body shape is most prone to a heavier midsection, thus women with apple body type are commonly concerned about hiding muffin top. If you are a typical apple shape, then chances are you are likely to have a bigger stomach, while your legs are quite skinny.

That is the case with me (even though you can’t see it from far, like in this picture).

A typical apple body type is very likely to have slender legs, but bigger waistline. That means it is just so much harder to find jeans for apple shape that can hide muffin top while not looking too loose on the legs!

Of course apple shaped women are not the only ones that could have the concern about their midsections.  There’s many reasons why you might not want others to notice your belly. Perhaps you never lost that stubborn baby fat after you gave birth, or you picked up a few extra pounds because of stress in life that led to hormone fluctuations.

Regardless of the reasons, I want to go over with you the tips I have learned over the years of finding the best jeans for apple shape that will fit you comfortably and stylishly.

Then, I will give you a round up of the 5 best jeans brands for apple shape, based on the feedback of our readers.

5 Tips to find the best jeans for apple shape

1. Wear pull on jeans with elastic waistband

This is the number one tip I want to share with you! Traditionally jeans were made with front zippers, and pull on jeans is  newer trend. Why does pull on jeans make s difference for apple shaped women (or anyone with muffin top)?

The reason is front zipper adds bulk to your mid section, and makes it more noticeable.  On the other hand, pull on jeans generally have a side panel with stomach flattening effect for your midriff.

Later on in the round up for best jeans for big tummy, you will notice the top brands all embrace this concept of tummy control panel.

Marilyn Straight Pull-On Jeans, CLEAN DENSLOWE, large
NYDJ Petite $99
LIVERPOOL High Rise Stretch Denim Ankle Leggings, Main, color, CORONADO MID
Liverpool petite $89
EILEEN FISHER Stretch Denim Leggings, Main, color, UTILITY BLUE
Eileen Fisher Petite $

2. No button fly jeans

Okay, the button fly jeans are absolutely adorable and they are just so on trend! They are my personal favorite! However, I can only wear them when I am really skinny and when my  midriff is not very obvious.  As soon as I gained a few pounds, I will have to stop wearing them, because the front buttons just make my stomach so much more obvious!

I’m not saying you have to stay away from the button fly jeans completely, but they are not the most flattering if your goal is to hide the muffin top.

3. Choose the size best accommodating  your waistline

This one is a very common mistake I see people make- myself included.

Since I’m a typical apple shape, my legs are slender but my waistline is not. For most of the tops, a size XS to S works perfect for me.  However, when it comes to jeans, I should size up because of my waist, which I did not realize for a very long time.  The mistake I made in the past is that I decided my jeans size based on my top size, ignoring the fact that my waistline needs a bigger size. Therefore, the jeans I got used to be too tight for my waist, which makes my mid section look even more obvious!

If you are like me, choose the correct jeans size based on your waist instead of elsewhere. What you should keep in mind is if your jeans size is too small, they would only make your belly look more noticeable!

best jeans for apple shape
Photo: Pexel.com

If you are in between sizes, go one size up. Here is the deal, you’d rather your jeans look looser in the waist than too tight. If it looks looser, it gives the impression that your waist is smaller than the pants. On the other hand, if it looks like your belly is overflowing under that jeans- it simply makes your waistline even worse.

4. High rise is your best friend

High rise jeans  is the best choice for petite women in general, because they extend you vertically and make your legs look longer. They are especially great for women looking for jeans for big stomach, since they would not cut your belly in half thus they provide the most coverage and support for your belly.

How high should you go? It is really hard for me to give you a specific number, because it really depends on your rise. If you are not familiar with the concept of rise, read my other post to understand if you are long rise/short leg or short rise/long leg body type.

inseam length
Pull on jeans from Petite Dresing

 You should choose the rise that you feel most comfortable about, but of course no need to go to the extreme (I.e. you don’t want to feel like it’s reaching your rib cage…)

5. Wear flare leg

Flare leg is one of the best jeans for women with bigger midsection, because it balances out your bottom half. Plus, flare leg jeans are the most flattering style for petites- they instantly make your legs look so much longer!

petite flare jeans
Petite Dressing $75
 High Waist Flared Jeans for petite women
Topshop Petite $75

6. Go with black or dark wash jeans

It is  obvious to most women blank is the shrinking color, thus black jeans makes your bottom half look smaller.

Did you know that dark washed jeans have the same effect?

jeans for thick thighs

Now you have another excellent choice besides black jeans.

High Rise True Skinny Ankle Jeans with Secret Smoothing Pockets
Gap petite $79.95

7. Wear bright top with dark jeans

Here’s a bonus tip most stylists wouldn’t tell you- when you wear bright color top and pair it with black jeans or dark washed jeans, they actually have more slimming effect than if you were to wear black top with black jeans.

The reason is the contrast created by the top and the bottom!

petite pull on jeans

8. Careful with tucking

When you tuck your top under the jeans, you are immediately drawing attention to your belly! Obviously, that is what you want to avoid!

9. Avoid skinny belt

Are you surprised by this one?

It make sound like skinny belt is supposed to make you skinny, right? But it is the opposite! If you are looking for jeans that flatters big tummy, you should stay away from wear a skinny belt over the jeans. 

jeans for apple shape
Photo: Pexel.com

In this picture, the model is an hourglass shape, i.e. her waist is significantly smaller than the hips. That is not the case with apple shape. If you and I wear the skinny belt,, the contrast of the skinny belt and the heavy mid section makes things so much worse.

Top 7 best jeans brands for apple shape

Now that you know how to choose the best jeans for apple shape, you know what to look for. Next, I will give you a round up of the best jeans brands for apple body type, based on the feedback from our readers. Most of these brands have one thing in common- they have tummy control waist band and they are made of stretchy fabrics. This makes it possible for them to accommodate the muffin top, while also fitting our skinny legs at the same time.

Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYDJ )

Our readers love this brand! They believe this brand is actually cut for an apple-type body. There is plenty of room in the waist to accommodate a bigger waistline, and they stretch pretty well.

Skinny Ankle Pull-On In Petite, SAINT VERAN, large
NYDJ Petite pull on $119
Bootcut Jeans In Petite
NYDJ Petite $109
Barbara Bootcut Jeans In Petite
NYDJ $109

Spanx Jeans

A lot of our readers voted for them because of the very flattering fit. Our readers also love the fact that there is an extra tummy panel inside for extra support. And, of course not surprisingly, since this is made by Spanx, they stretch really nicely and slide on very easily.

SPANX<SUP>®</SUP> Distressed Skinny Denim Leggings, Main, color, VINTAGE GREY
SPANX<SUP>®</SUP> Distressed Skinny Jeans, Main, color, MEDIUM WASH
SPANX<SUP>®</SUP> Crop Flare Denim Leggings, Main, color, BLACK

Style & co Jeans

Our readers love this brand because of the inner panel and higher waist, which provides more coverage and control in the tummy area. Also,  the stretchy fabrics adds extra comfort and make sure the jeans stay in shape longer.

The best part? The price tag! With the original prices under $50, you can easily pick out different colors and styles without feeling guilty. I have found them for $29 a pair at Macy’s on sale- it can’t get better than this!

Style & Co Petite Tummy-Control Slim-Leg  Jeans, Created for Macy's
Style & Co Tummy Control Petite $29
Style & Co Tummy Control Petite $34
Style & Co Tummy Control Petite $29

Jag pull on jeans

These jeans go up and over your mid-section and smooth it all out. The Jag jeans pull on styles have a wide band at the top and has no front zipper. That strong ring of thick elastic is what holds your belly in and make your midriff look flat.

JAG JEANS Bryn Pull-On Jeans, Main, color, MID INDIGO
Jag Petite $79
JAG JEANS Peri Pull-On Straight Leg Jeans, Main, color, DARK INDIGO
Jag Petite $74

Ann Taylor

If you are petite, I’m sure you are familiar with this brand. Our readers speak highly about their petite denim, especially the Modern line and the curvy fits. Although the original price could be a bit high, they are always having sales- so it’s not unusual for their jeans to go down to as low as $50. Also, if you are not far from outlet stores, you might be able to find even more deals in an Ann Taylor Outlet store.

Petite Performance Stretch Skinny Jeans in Zebra Print
Ann Taylor Petite $109
Petite Sculpting Pockets High Rise Straight Leg Jeans in Black Wash
Ann Taylor Petite $109
Petite Sculpting Pockets High Rise Straight Leg Jeans in Indigo Wash
Ann Tylor Petite $98

Gap skinny jeans

Our readers raved about the “Always Skinny” from gap. They now make the “True Skinny”, which are similar. If you have a thick middle, you’ll love these. They are mid rise, a little bit stretchy, not too skinny. Our readers with apple body shape recommended them because the waist to hip ratio is just right.

Mid Rise True Skinny Jeans in Sculpt
Gap Petite $79.95
Mid Rise Curvy True Skinny Ankle Jeans with Raw Hem
Gap Petite $69
Mid Rise Curvy True Skinny Jeans
Gap Petite $69

Miracle body jeans

This is a division of Miraclesuit, the leading brand in control swimwear.  They are one of the faves of our readers who are concerned about hiding the muffin top. This brand is known for premium super-stretch fabrics, which enable jeans to retain their shape and keep you looking flawless without sacrificing comfort. What makes it flattering for apple body shape is because each pair features a tummy-flattening panel. 

Miracle Body jeans $77
Miracle body jeans $44