How to Look Taller

I am 5’2″, and growing up I experienced those moments when I wish I could look taller.

I used to think the easiest way for a short girl to look taller is to wear heels. Is that how you feel too?

BUT... Heels started to hurt my feet after a while. Besides, not everything you wear goes with heels. So, I started to experiment how to DRESS to look taller.

Then I discovered the TYPES of clothes you choose, and HOW you style them, makes a huge difference on a short person!

For example, DON'T wear long blazers and flat shoes with midi skirt.  This never look good on a short girl!

DO pair your midi skirt with a cropped jacket (moto jackets are one of my favorites!) and a skin color shoes. Now THIS makes you look taller instantly!

That is why I want to share with you these MOST effective petite styling tips I have tried and worked on myself!

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