Shopping for the right clothing is never an easy task for petite women.  When it comes to finding that ideal wedding dress for the most important day in your life, it is not as easy or glamourous as sipping on a glass of bubbly with your best girlfriends and waiting for the bridal shop assistants to bring that perfect dress in front of you.  Well, it could be stressful and even difficult. It’s almost (kind of) like, finding your Mr. Right. When you find it, you know you have found it.  The moment you try it on, you will know if it is for you or not.  It is that intuitive.  But, before that, you have to go through a ton of gowns, or even numerous bridal shops, in order to find the one.  Are you rectangle shape?  If you are not sure, take the quiz to find out what is your petite body type.  Learning about what to look for that is specifically flattering for your body type when you are going to the bridal shops will save you a ton of time.  Understanding your body shape and know what works and what doesn’t will definitely help you make the right decision for your big day. (Read more about How to Dress Petite Rectangle Body Type, Best Wedding Dresses for Petite BridesBest Petite Jeans for Your Body Type).

Now, let’s first take a look at your body type.  If you have rectangle shape, your body generally have the following characteristics:rectangle shape

  1. If you are petite rectangle shape, you have a very athletic frame.
  2. Your hips, waistline and shoulders are pretty close in terms of width.
  3. You have little to no waist definition.
  4. You may feel like you look straight up and down.
  5. You gain weight evenly, but may gain more weight through the upper back or neck.
  6. On the other hand, you have small bust and your buttocks tend to be flat.

To summarize, rectangle shape petite girls have boyish figure, or in other words, straight up and down.  The bonus of being boyish is that your coveted svelte shape lends itself to an array of styles, as you already possess the framework that many ladies crave.  So the truth is you could wear almost anything! That said, focus on styles that will soften your look.  Since your sportier frames are less inclined to boast a perfect hourglass, your goal here is probably going to boost your bust or highlight your hips. In general, a more structured, corseted bodice is probably best (either fit-to-flare or ball gown), as the structure adds padding and thickness, creating the illusion of a fuller bust.

Firstly, avoid overwhelming your figure with voluminous layers of fabrics such as architectural styles and overly big ball gowns (which in general we advise petite brides to stay away with, regardless of your body shape). Though body-conscious styles such as clingy columns and sheaths can make you appear fuller, they’ll only highlight the lack of a bust in very boyish figures of rectangle shape brides, in which case you’ll need to create a curvier silhouette.

Fitted, padded bodices encrusted with sequins/diamanté detail add dimension and a bustline. Dresses with heavier fabrics such as satin, velvet or moiré will visually add a little volume, while a gathered waist and narrow sleeves will have a similar effect.


A sweetheart-cut neckline looks great on rectangle shape women with small breasts because the shape of the neckline actually softens the line around the bust. It, in turn, allows for more flesh to be seen and makes for an enhanced look.  An easy way to make small breasts seem ample is by wearing a gown with a structured bodice, especially a sweetheart or bikini top bodice, which lift and enlarge the chest, with a sort of demi cut bra fixture.”

A V-Neckline very deep is perfect for rectangle shape petite girls who does not have big chest, because of the support; after all, you want everything in the right place. The low V-neckline is a daring look for a bride – and certainly one that only small busted brides can get away with. You need to make sure a deep V is very well-fitted, because even small breasts can make an unscheduled appearance if they are not correctly supported. You may find that a little fashion tape gives you some added security in the absence of a bra.

A high-necked gown brings emphasis to the chest while giving you the illusion of a fuller bust, a desirable effect for our rectangle shape brides. Choosing a gown with intricate lace details on the upper torso also helps bring some well appreciated volume to the bust.


If you don’t have curves or have an athletic build.  Look for a silky gown that’s cut on the bias with a trumpet skirt. The combination of the curved side seams and the flared bottom will provide you with a sultry silhouette. Mermaid style gowns will add shape and curves to your boyish figure.  This is the most feminine style that flatters many different body shapes, and works perfectly for petite brides.  It hugs at the midsection and flares at the skirt like a fish tail.  For petite brides who want to ditch the ball gown wedding dresses but still are interested in a little bit of drama, the mermaid style will make you feel glamourous walking down the isle and give you the moment of “red carpet” feel.  Mermaid/Trumpet style emphasizes bust and hip, so they are the best wedding dresses for petite brides who want to show off their feminine curves.  The flare skirt has moderate volume and will not overwhelm the petite frame of short brides.  Look for elevated waistline (i.e. above your natural waistline) so that your legs will look longer.

To look taller- a simple gown flatters a tiny figure.  The long, fluid shape of a sheath or A-line gown elongates.  Subtle shoulder detail, like delicate cap sleeves –or opting for strapless-keeps the focus up and adds height.

If you are short, avoid exaggerated details. The point is to elongate the body, so proportion is very important here, as well- embellishments should flatter, not overwhelm you.