Almost every fashion stylist would tell petite girls “Don’t go long! Long pants or skirts overwhelm your small frame!”  I am 5’2”, so for quite sometime, I followed their advice and only went with ankle length pants.  One day, at JFK airport, however, a lady walking in front of me caught my eye, as she looked really tall and elegant in a pair of long navy pants. From a distance I was thinking to myself: “Hmm, she must be at least 5’5″ in order to pull that off…” When she stopped and I walked past her, she was actually my height, and at that moment I realized the right petite dress pants not only do not overwhelm petite girls, they actually elongate petite figure!


So, here is a few particulars we have learned from our beloved petite celebrities Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria on how to pick the right petite dress pants.

1. The heels you wear with long pants are critical. For petite girls, a general rule of thumb when picking heels is to always color blend shoes with your trousers. If you are wearing white or bright color pants, skin-toned shoes are always the best.

2. Make sure heels are high enough to add the extra inches you want. You can go with stiletto, or wedges or even platform heels, and I personally prefer the latter, as they provide both height and comfort.

3. tipped shoes work great with petite girls in general, and with long pants, they make you look especially polished.


4. Now, the pants. Make sure they are long enough to brush over you feet, and cover your heels. This way, either from front or back, the pants elongate your legs to the full extent.

5. If you have slender waist, that is your assets you should emphasize in your style, and we recommend sailor pants or other high waist pants.  These petite dress pants are frequently worn by Victoria Beckham.

petite dress pants
petite dress pants
petite dress pants

6. When you are wearing long pants, keep your top simple. Even a basic white top will not look plain with long pants, as your focus is the elongated legs.  If you want a bolder look, try a bright color top, but don’t add too much other detail.

7. Keep your accessories simple.  Draw attention up with detail above the waist.