Whenever we pick an outfit, the first thing we should choose is the silhouette.  Likewise, when it comes to choosing petite dress, we should first pay attention to its shape and cut. A line dresses or sheath dress are the most flatting shape to petite girls.

A perfect petite dress follows the golden ratio, also known as the two thirds rule. That is,  make the dress take 2/3 of your body, and keep 1/3 for knee to ankle.  For example, you would choose a sheath dress with a hemline that cuts off at the knee.  Avoid half half ratio, that is, you should never cut your body off at the middle point, as it will swamp your figure and even look boring in comparison.

Kate Middleton as a new classic fashion icon is frequently seen in fashion magazines, and her sheath dress choices illustrate the perfect proportion for any body type.

petite dress
petite dress

These sheath dress are tailored for petites.

Fit and flare dress is another great choice for petite dress, as they creates the illusion of height better than others.


These fit and flare dresses are made for petites.

Showing some skin, even in cold winter, is one of the rules of thumb for petite dress.

So, when picking the perfect winter dress, go for a V or U neckline, as they elongate your neck, and makes your proportion look better.  For evening dresses, petites look best in halter neck, deep V necklines, strapless gowns and one-shoulder dresses.  If you are worried about the winter winds, feel free to pair it with a light weighted silky scarf. However, be careful with those bulky long scarves, as they can totally change the proportion.

In addition, the sleeve length you choose can make a big difference to your outfit.  Three quarter length sleeves are universally flattering as they expose the slimmest part of our arms.  Three quarter length shows the right amount of skin, and it balances the proportion created by your legs.

How long your sleeves should be also depends on how comfortable you are with your arms, and the way you’ve split your outfit (this is where you’d use the rule of thirds). If you’re concerned about your upper arms, wearing short sleeves that cut you off at the widest part of the arm should be avoided.


Never underestimate the power of fine fabrics.  For petite girls, it is important to create volume and presence in your outfit. When it comes to winter dresses, nothing does this better than fine woven materials such as wool, cashmere, or a mix.