I'm 5'2", this how to Look Good if you are short

Wear a Jumpsuit

Are you surprised?  I used to think they are only for short girls!  They are actually one of the most stylish items you can wear and they REALLY elongate your legs!

Cropped Jacket

Yes, these are our best friends! Why? They make your top look shorter, and, naturally, you will look taller!

High-waisted Jeans

You NEED high waisted jeans, and they are the best friends for a short girl! They TOTALLY will make your legs look elongated!

Belted Coat

Belts work MAGIC on a short girl! They immediately make your legs appear longer! BTW, this is from my clothing line for petites, and our model Wendy is 5'2".

Off-the-shoulder Dress

They are my favorites! They make you always look chic without trying too hard!

Wrap Dress

Perfect for fashionable petite girls! Especially curvy petites- they really flatter your shape and make you look classy.


Tens of thousands of petites have already got a makeover at Petite Dressing, the clothing site dedicated to women under 5'4". What are you waiting for?