15 Best Ways to Dress Spoon Body Type

Wear Tops with Ruffles

These types of style elements add dimension to the body, the top half in this case, which is great for giving your shape subtle balance.

Wear ruching details

Wear Off the Shoulder

The reason is the off-the-shoulder design creates a horizontal line across your shoulders, which is the best way to draw attention to your top and distract away from the curvier bottom.

Wear Strapless Dress

When you wear a strapless dress, not only it make your shoulders appear wider, but also they draw attention above to your face, thus distracting any attention to your bottom half.

Wear tailored pants

Solution for the gapped waist

Wear A line Dress

The A-line shaped dress is fitted at the top and flares out gradually under waist, it can camouflage your heavier bottom.

Wide leg is your best friend

Wear Long Cardigan

The safest length for you is the longer version, i.e. a cardigan that reaches past the widest part of your bottom half.

Stay away from skinny jeans

Choose Shirts with Full Sleeves

Another great way to emphasize the top half of your body is with full sleeves. Really, any shirt or dress that has interesting sleeves can be favored with a spoon body shape.




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