Best and Worst Shoes for Small Feet

I'm 5'2", and if you are short like me, one of the biggest challenges as a short girl is to find shoes for petite feet.

Most Petite women can relate that shopping for shoes can be a nightmare. You might think the biggest problem is there aren't that many small size brands. Right?

I agree. But... Size is NOT the only thing that matters for a women with small feet.

It is also important to understand what STYLE works and what doesn't.

For example, if you wear shoes with noticeable ankle straps, it will instantly make your legs look CUT OFF.

But, if you wear skin-color pumps, they will elongate your legs, and matching them with your pants will double the effect!

After decades of trial and error, I figured out the best shoe style for women with small feet like me! And it REALLY works!

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