Should you Wear Petite Size?

What is Petite?


Petite size in fashion and clothing is referring to the special size for women under 5’4” or 5’3”.

How Petite Size works?

For petite women, if the sleeves are too long, it will look like the jacket or coat is not the right size for you, even if it fits perfectly elsewhere.

Should you wear petite size clothing?

 We cannot simply say that women above 5’4″ should only wear regular clothing.  Here is some of the examples.

If you are over 5’4″, but have short legs.

Chances are some women may be around or over 5’4” but their legs are short, so they should consider petite size pants.

If you are over 5’4″, but have short torso.

You may find regular size fitted tops make you look like a kid wearing mom’s clothes.  In that case, you may find petite size tops fit you perfectly since they are adjusted for shorter torso.

Your weight is below your waist

Do you have the long legs and big bum body shape? Try petite size tops and blazers, and you may be surprised how much better they fit you better.

If you are under 5’4″, does that mean you should always wear petite size?

In most cases, I would say yes, you should start with trying petite size at least.  You are much better off with clothes designed to fit the proportions of shorter women.

Petite Sizing Chart

Pay attention to the definition of petite sizing by each retailer/designer, as some of them define what is petite as under 5’4” while others define it as under 5’3”.

If you are under 5 feet tall

Then you may find even the petite sizes would not fit you. Someone who is 4’11” is 5 inches shorter than the model for which the petite clothes is made.

Petite Plus Size

Petite plus girls, like other petite size women, share the common body features I mentioned earlier, and the best bet to find their clothing from designers who carry petite plus specifically tailored to suit the needs of curvier petite women.

Tens of thousands of petites have already got a makeover at Petite Dressing, the clothing site dedicated to women under 5'4". What are you waiting for?