10 Best Ways to Dress if you are Short and Overweight

Avoid Shapeless Clothing

While you’re overweight woman, you still have a body shape, and that’s why it’s so important to avoid clothing that doesn’t provide shape to your body.

Wear Slimming Colors

Short and plus size women can (and should!) wear any color(s) and prints they like. While yes, black is known and loved for its slimming effect, you can look incredible wearing any color..

Wear Prints with Caution

Try selecting options that are in alignment with the scale/size of your own body type. This allows for the print to look great on you and not distract in any way.

Avoid Bulky Clothing

To put it bluntly, bulky clothes add the illusion of actual bulk to the body – and this is why avoiding bulky clothing is something to strive for if you are overweight and short.

Avoid Micro Handbags

The problem with these micro bags? They often take away from your shape and don’t offer a lot of balance to the body primarily because of the scale.

Wear the Right Undergarments

If you are short and overweight woman, wearing the right undergarments in the correct sizing is an absolute essential component of your style and wardrobe.

Avoid Fabric That is Too Clingy

Pay close attention to the way the fabrics lay on your body, if they’re extra clingy especially in areas you don’t want them to cling opt for something else.

Tailor Your Clothing

As a short and overweight woman, getting used to tailoring your clothes will make a huge difference in how you look!

Avoid Low Rise Bottoms

Regardless of trend, though, low rise bottoms are something to try to avoid when you are plus size.

Keep it simple

If you’re short and overweight, just make sure you’re not wearing TOO many things, details, etc. at one time. Over doing it on a lot of trend or details can add bulk and weight to the body.