I'm 5'2", here's the Best Winter Coats for Petites

As a petite woman myself (I am 5’2″), I totally get how hard it is to find the right winter coats for petite ladies.

My main problem (I know most Petites can relate) is that most coats make me look heavy and even shorter.

Winter Coats are not cheap, so I believe it is worthwhile to spend the time to find the best Petite coats that will last for years.

After years of trial and error, I have discovered some tips on how to look flattering in Winter Coats!

For example, if your coat is shorter than what you are wearing underneath, like this. This is NOT flattering.

But if your outer layer is longer, it will create an unbroken vertical line which instantly make you look longer and taller.

Now, let me share with YOU my tips and ideas on how to choose the best coats and how to look flattering in them!

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