Trench Coats for Petites: 7 Steps Guide for the Perfect Fit

Best Length

First things first, there are three basic length of trench coats. Short trench coats: They typically reach a little over the hips. Medium trench coats: They typically are at your knee or slightly above your knee. Long trench coats: They are below the knee, and most likely reach your mid calf or even longer.

Best Fabrics

Traditional trench coat fabrics are cotton or wool, but you can also opt for denim trench coats or leather trench coats for a fashion forward look.

Best Color

Traditionally, trench coats were beige. Today, beige or brown are still the most mainstream color choices for petite trench coats.

If you want to find the most petite brands in a shortest amount of time, the smart way is to go to the department stores online and shop petite sizes from there.

Best Shops

How to Style

The secret to style a petite figure is to make sure what you wear underneath will not break the continuous vertical line created by the coat.

In fashion, monochromatic outfits are most flattering to short girls because they create a column of colors, i.e. the length much needed by short girls.

Understand monochromatic dressing

My personal favorite is Taryn Rose. Their tall boots fit my legs just right, and I especially love their tall boots with wedges.

The best shoes to wear trench coat if you are short

The key is to make sure your accessories (hats, jewelry, scarves and bags) are in scale to your size.

How to accessorize

Tens of thousands of petites have already got a makeover at Petite Dressing, the clothing site dedicated to women under 5'4". What are you waiting for?