How to Style Over-the-Knee Boots for Petites

How to Style Over-the-Knee Boots for Petites

I'm 5'2", and styling over-the-knee boots have always been hard for me.

The main issue? Well,  It is because I'm short and my legs are short!

So, most boots will just never fit just like this pair. They are way too long for my legs.

But, tall boots like over-the-knee boots are very important for Petites like me who live in colder areas.  I live in NJ.  In the winter, boots are life savers!

After a decade of winters, I was able to figure out how to style over-the-knee boots  that works for short women  like me!

For example, when wearing an over-the-knee boots, one should consider getting the right fit. if the fit isn’t in check they’ll look quite unflattering to the body.

Another example is to wear over-the-knee boots with dresses. make sure the dress isn’t shapeless or overwhelming to the body so it provides a flattering balance to over the knee boots.

Now, let me share with you  more tips on how to style over-the-knee boots  if you're a  Petite woman  like me!

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