How to Dress  if you are Long waisted

How to Dress  if you are Long waisted

If you are long-waisted like me, dressing can be one of your challenges.

Having a long waist means your natural waistline sits lower on your body.

This means the distance between your shoulders and your natural waist is LONGER.

So... The key is to change the perceived waistline. This will  balance out your body proportion.

For example, you may wear high-waisted pants or jeans. Since it sits higher up on your body, it makes your legs appear longer, and in turn, your waist appears shorter.

Another example is that you may wear wide a belt. They take up a good portion of the torso, cutting off the naturally long area to give it a more balanced effect.

So, let me share with you everything you need to know on how to dress if you're a long waisted woman like me!

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