Best Ways to Dress if you are Petite with Large Bust

If you are Short and Busty, it's quite a challenge to dress your shape.

I'm 5'2", and I have a clothing line for women 5'4" and under, so I know how hard it is to dress a short girl

This is our model Wendy. She is 5'2", 36D bust, a very typical Petite girl with big bust.

What I notice is curvy petites (like Wendy) have short torso and a short waist.

That combined with big boobs can easily create the impression of being top-heavy.

So, the TYPES of tops or dresses you choose, are critical!

For example, deep V neck like this, are extremely flattering on your shape.

But turtle neck? Not so much. They make your chest look even bigger!

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