I'm 5'2", this is how to look good in palazzo pants if you are Short

Choose vertical details

Go with subtle vertical prints or details such as vertical hem and avoid loud and busy prints which will make your petite body frame look swamped.


The best fabrics for petite palazzo pants are those with soft and flowy fabrics such as rayon, jersey or even silk.

Wear High waisted

High waisted style pants are flattering to petite women general, and this is probably the most flattering style of all palazzo pants for short women.

Go full length

The length is key for short girls to wear palazzo pants. The ideal length is for it to hit just above the ground, when you are wearing high heels.

Wear solids for slimming effect

Do you want to look taller and thinner? Very few women don’t. Then your best bet for wide leg petite pants are dark colors like black or navy.

Wear the right shoes

Pair them with skinny heels such as stilettos will make your outfit look more airy and extend your legs.


Tens of thousands of petites have already got a makeover at Petite Dressing, the clothing site dedicated to women under 5'4". What are you waiting for?