How to Dress Flat Bum

Flat bum? You're NOT alone! Many people wish they could have perkier buttocks, and feel like their bum is too flat.

If that is how you feel, you might be thinking exercising can lift your bum. That is true... BUT, Only to a degree.

It might take a LONG time for you to see the results. How can you have a fuller bum FAST? After years of trial and error, I have figured out some ways you can IMMEDIATELY see your bum lifted!

For example, if you wear straight-leg jeans, this has a lot of space below your buttocks, therefore, making them look flatter.


But if you wear skinnies, they will flatter the shape of your buttocks! Why? Because skinnies fit tight!

Now, let me share with you more tips of how I make my bum look fuller FAST - and it works!

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