Best Petite Cocktail Dresses 2021

What is a cocktail dress?


Formal, but not quite as formal as a full gown. In other words a cocktail dress falls into a semi-formal dress category.

A wedding, holiday party or a gala for cocktail attire.


What length works best if you are short?

High-low hem

Most flattering design for petites

Not the easiest dress for short women.  They can make your legs look cut off

should you wear midi?

Above the knee

 We find the best cocktail dresses for petites are just above the knee in length.

The right silhouettes

 In addition to choosing the right length for your petite cocktail dress, silhouette comes in as a close second .

Choose sophisticated fabrics

 While there aren’t a ton of hard rules when it comes to dressing appropriately for a cocktail attire occasion it’s important that you honor the fact that it’s a semi-formal occasion...

Wear accessories that are proportional to your height and body size

Complete your cocktail attire with heels

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