How to Look Classy: 16 Best Ways

Focus on Fit

Pay close attention to the length and silhouette of your clothes to determine what alterations need to be made to elevate the fit of your clothing.

Avoid Showing too Much

While there is nothing wrong with showing off your shape, to look classy it’s important to find balance.

Wear Neutrals

Count on neutral colors to look classy. They’re easy to wear and always look great.

Less is more when dressing classy. A great rule of thumb is choosing one main accessory to be a part of your outfit and skipping the rest.

Don’t Over Do Accessories

Stick to Classics

Classic garments and accessories are your friend when you want to look classy. They’ve stood the test of time in fashion for a reason, because they are classic and classy.

It’s no secret chipped nails can make nails look messy, changing the entire aesthetic of your look. Classy women always make it a point to keep nails freshly manicured.

Keep Nails Manicured

Elevate your look by taking an extra few minutes to get any wrinkles out of your clothes in the morning. It’s a small step that can make a major difference in how you look in your clothes.

Keep Clothing Wrinkle Free

To look classy doesn’t mean you have to wear Louboutin shoes. It simply means you need to always dust off your shoes and make sure they look clean and at their best.

Make Sure your Shoes are Clean

It’s all in the details to look classy. Pay close attention to the ‘small’ things when getting ready in the morning.

Pay Attention to Details

Always check how undergarments fit your body under clothing. Avoid pieces that show lines under dresses and skirts, or bra straps that show.

Wear Proper Undergarments

If you do want to wear designer bands, then it is best to keep the logo subtle. Wearing a big designer label on your clothes may make you look rich, but it doesn’t make you look classy.

Keep Designer Labels Subtle

The major difference of designer clothes is that they mostly use very high quality fabrics, which is why their clothes look well made and rich. Typically, higher quality fabrics contains higher percentage of natural content such as cashmere, wool or silk.

Choose High Quality Fabrics

This doesn’t mean you have to wear loosely fitted clothes either. You should wear clothes that is well fitted, but avoid too many bodycon tops or dresses.

Avoid Anything too Tight

This doesn’t mean every time you wear something you have to spend a long time ironing them, but it does mean you should spend an extra 10 minutes to make sure there is no wrinkles.

Always Iron and Steam your Clothes

It’s not necessary to wear a full, over the top makeup look. All you need is a few touches. Applying blush, mascara and a bold lip are simple steps to add class to your look.

Complete Your Look with Makeup

Just make sure your hair style is streamlined and put together. Finding a new, classy hair style is a fun way to elevate your look to add even more class.

Style Your Hair

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