Boots for Short Legs: 5 Tips Every Petite Girl Should Know


Fundamentals of Boots

The 4 fundamental measurements are boot shaft height, calf circumference, ankle circumference and heel height.

The Challenges of Short Legs

First, the hardest part is the shaft height. Secondly, calf circumference is another issue. Last but not the least, there is not enough choices for small size boots!

Knee High boots

You should match the color of your boots with that of your pants or jeans, and it will really elongate your legs and make your proportion look better instantly.

Over the knee boots

If you have short legs, it is important to create length in your styling.  OTK boots extend your legs to the maximum with an unbroken vertical line, which is why they make your legs look so much longer.

Pointy toe boots

Even if you are not wearing heels, a pair of pointed toe flats will make your legs look extended.  Try it today, if you don’t own a bunch already!

Making Sure the Boots are Comfortable

No matter how good your boots look or how expensive they are, if they are not comfortable, you will not want to wear them often.

How to Wear High Heel Boots All Day

I normally purchase one pair of silicone inserts for every pair of my heels higher than 3 inches.  Amazon is my go to place, and my favorite brand is Dr. Scholl’s Stylish Step High Heel Relief Insoles.

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