How to Dress Women with Big Hips

If you have big hips, choosing clothes that can work for your body can be an issue.

The problem is, when you choose less flattering clothes, they will draw attention to your hips and will make you look bottom-heavy.

This is our model Wendy. She is 5'2" with a curvy hips.

So when I'm choosing what styles suits women with big hips like Wendy, I noticed certain styles look better than others. Some styles simply won't work on bigger hips.

An example is an A-line dress is really flattering for your shape.

But a bodycon dress? Not so flattering. It emphasizes and draws more attention to your hips!

It is your personal preference to emphasize big hips or to camouflage them. But if you want it to look more balanced, I will share with you some tips and tricks that REALLY can make you look good

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