Best Jeans for Women over 50

The Best Jean Rise for Women Over 50

The reason mid + high rise are best for mature women is because the higher the rise the more of a slimming effect it has on your legs and waist.

The Best Jean Wash for Women Over 50

Yes, there are certain denim washes that are going to be more flattering when you’re a woman over 50.

Dark wash jeans

a darker wash jean tends to be much more figure flattering. You know how black is known as a ‘slimming’ color? Well, dark wash jeans have a similar effect.

White denim

The reason they are a great choice for women over 50 is that they look really youthful and they go pretty much with anything in your summer closet!

Black jeans

Well…black is black and it’s always a great choice. But I wanted to mention it because sometimes it’s an overlooked wash in regards to jeans!

Should you wear distressed jeans?

I generally suggest staying away from a lot of distressing on your denim jeans when you’re a woman over 50.

Straight leg jeans

One of the best jean silhouettes for women over 50 is a classic straight leg denim fit. Straight leg jeans have maintained their classic denim appeal for YEARS now, and with good reason!

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are incredibly flattering for women over 50 because it’s a simple silhouette that fits close to the body to enhance your natural shape.

Bootcut jeans

Since boot cut just has a slight flare at the bottom, the silhouette isn’t too voluminous or bold – making it a great choice for women 50+.

Fit Factors for Jeans to Consider:

 When you have denim with natural stretch, or spandex, they’re SO much more comfortable to wear.



Now that you’re a woman over 50 the fit of your clothes plays a major role in your overall style. You want a style that’s classic, modern and comfortable.

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