Best Jeans for Apple Shape

Why jeans for apple shape is harder to find


Of the 5 body types, apple body shape is most prone to a heavier midsection, thus women with apple body type are commonly concerned about hiding muffin top.

5 Tips to find the best jeans for apple shape

Pull on jeans with elastic waistband

This is the number one tip I want to share with you! Traditionally jeans were made with front zippers, and pull on jeans is  newer trend. 

Careful with button fly jeans

They are my personal favorite! However, I can only wear them when I am really skinny and when my  midriff is not very obvious.

 Choose the size according to  your waistline

For most of the tops, a size XS to S works perfect for me.  However, when it comes to jeans, I should size up because of my waist, which I did not realize for a very long time.

 High rise is your best friend

High rise jeans  is the best choice for petite women in general, because they extend you vertically and make your legs look longer.

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