How to Dress if you are Short (like me)

I am 5’2″. If you are short like me, styling can be a challenge.

You may think the biggest challenge is nothing fits. Right?

I agree with you. BUT... It's more than just finding clothes that are not too long!

What I mean is, the TYPES of clothes you choose, and HOW you style them, makes a huge difference on a short person.

For example, DON'T wear black shoes with light bottoms. They make you look bottom heavy. That is, make a short girl look even shorter!

In Social Media, I get a lot of question. "Chi, what is the right inseam for short women?" "What is the right fit for my size?' And so on..

After decades of trial and error, I figured out the best ways to dress short women like me - and they REALLY work!

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and BTW, I also quit my job to start a clothing line for women 5'4" and under in 2021. This is me and my model Wendy, and we are both 5'4"! Make sure you give us a try here: